February 2014

child psychologist

New Boys Social Skills Group NYC: Dragon Masters

Does your son need a boys social skills group? Leading authorities who have researched the subject of social and emotional learning have concluded that levels of adjustment, psychological health and academic achievement are directly related to a child’s social competency, emotional literacy, and ability to form successful peer relationships. By learning to control impulses, express emotions …

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Adult ADD

Characteristics of Adult ADD Individuals with ADD are more prone to being disorganized, easily distracted, forgetful, irresponsible, and often communicate poorly or over-react emotionally. Due to these deficits in functioning, control, and processing, such behaviors can bring about negative – and even blameful – accusations from the partner without ADHD when neither partner has a …

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ADD & Masculinity

My husband tends to have a very child-like disposition at times. He can be very non-confrontational, and often lets himself get taken advantage of, especially in work situations. It’s very convenient for others to write him off or throw him under the bus because he simply doesn’t assert himself enough. Also, there have been times …

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