July 2015

ADHD In College

Advice on surviving four years from a current college student. For a student with ADHD,  college can be a minefield of distractions. Everywhere you turn there is another club, another friend, another chance to get off campus for a burger. With all the things to do it can be easy to forget that college is – at least …

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Adult ADD

While ADHD is considered to be a problem that only children suffer from, this is not the case. Adults may also suffer from a lack of focus, an inability to concentrate on tasks and a general feeling that they haven’t lived up to their potential. However, with the help of an adult ADHD center like …

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ADHD Medicine to Treat Menopause

Menopause is hardly a walk in the park for most women. Hot flashes, emotional outbursts, and loss of memory are only some of the varying symptoms women experience at that point in their life. Some of the most detrimental losses to cognitive ability from menopause affect executive functioning (i.e., Attention, memory, problem solving, and organization). However, a new …

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