Holistic ADD/ADHD Testing & Treatment

The Sachs Center is a full service boutique psychotherapy practice on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our team of therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are specialists in the testing and treatment of  ADD/ADHD and Aspergers in children, teens and adults.  

We go beyond labels, taking a holistic, person-centered approach to treatment.  We don’t see you or your loved one as a diagnosis or set of symptoms, but rather as a individual with unique strengths and weaknesses.

holistic add/adhdOur treatment is “big picture” and focused on the whole person.  We know from experience that one magic pill does not cure ADD ADHD or other mental health challenges. That is why we offer psychotherapy, ADD Coaching, social skill groups, neurofeedback, nutritional, organizational coaching and medication to improve the overall functioning of our clients.

Our holistic methods have proven successful time and time again. Change will not be easy, but if all facets of one’s life are supported, change can and does happen. Call our adult, adolescent and child psychologists today for an initial evaluation.

 Initial Evaluation 

The first step in working for change is our initial evaluation.  We will meet with you to learn more about you or your loved ones struggles, challenges and goals. We know that it is not easy to seek help and we understand that you might be anxious in sharing such personal information with someone you don’t know. 

During the initial evaluation, we will listen with care, learn more about you and together formulate a plan that best meets your needs.  We are interested in your questions and will work collaboratively to allay your concerns.  At the conclusion of the evaluation, we will discuss our findings and the recommended options for treatment. See our full list of services.

 ADD/ADHD Testing 

The Sachs Center offers a comprehensive ADD ADHD testing process that uses the latest diagnostic tools to accurately assess for ADD ADHD. This process begins with a clinical interview, where we learn about early childhood symptoms and current challenges that are negatively impacting your  life.

After the interview, you will be given a series of assessments that have been proven effective in determining deficits in attention, focus, distractibility and impulsivity, all hallmarks of the executive dysfunction common to ADD ADHD.   Learn more about our adult and child ADD ADHD testing.

 Neuropsychological Testing 

add.adhd.testingNeuropsychological or psychoeducational testing is not needed for a diagnosis of ADD ADHD. It is necessary, however, to receive accommodations in school or extra time on standardized tests. We have been successful in getting extra time accommodations for our clients on the SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc.  Learn more about our Neuropsychological testing.

 Therapy & Coaching 

ADD ADHD TreatmentWe offer individual and family therapy to those adults with ADD ADHD, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Our child psychologists use play therapy and the group model to assist children with their unique emotional needs.  We believe that the trusting relationship between client and therapist sets the foundation for real change.  

Our therapists are highly-skilled, patient and understanding, all key elements in bringing forth the best version of you. Learn more about our therapy and coaching.

 Neurofeedback Training 

neurofeedback.adhdNeurofeedback is a very exciting alternative treatment for ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and Aspergers.  The process of  balancing Alpha, Beta and Delta brain waves has been around since the 1960’s and is considered very safe.  

Research, conducted by leading institutions has determined that Neurofeedback is an effective form of treatment and should be explored for those individuals not interested in taking medication.  Learn more about our Neurofeedback.


ADHD medication NYCMedication is not a magic pill that can erase all one’s symptoms of ADD ADHD. That is why we subscribe to a holistic approach to treating ADD ADHD and Aspergers. Saying that, we have seen that the right dose and the right brand of medication has helped a number of a clients be more attentive, focused and reduce procrastination.

We have a Harvard-educated psychiatrist on staff who will help you find the right medication for your needs and work with you over time to manage your symptoms effectively. Learn about our Medication Management

 Social Skills Groups 

ADD/ADHDOur Social Skills Groups are run by child psychologists to help to children and adolescents who are having difficulty with peer relationships, anxiety, depression and ADHD.  Children and adolescents will gain greater acceptance, make friends, strengthen their communication skills, behave more appropriately, reduce anxiety, increase their frustration tolerance, and develop more confidence so they succeed socially.  

Currently we have three groups for boys and girls ages 8 to 12 and a group for young teens.  Our Dragon Master group for boys has proven successful in keeping the boys engaged in the group process, with many members coming back each year. Our retention rate is near 90%. Learn more about our Social Skills Groups

 Adult ADD Support Group 

ADD/ADHDThe Sachs Center runs a Adult ADD support “Meetup” group that meets monthly at our offices. The goal of the group is to offer support to one another and to share tips and techniques on managing your ADD. This intimate group has grown together and is welcoming of new members. To learn more about this group, click on our Meetup page link.