Our Approach


The Sachs Center is a full service boutique practice focused on the testing and treatment of ADD/ADHD and autism in children, teens and adults. We go beyond labels, taking a holistic, person-centered approach to treatment.  

At the Sachs Center, we don’t see you as a diagnosis or set of symptoms. Instead, we view you as a whole person with strengths and weaknesses. We believe the client-therapist relationship is the key to real change. We will treat you with respect, building trust and working together to bring more joy and success into your life.

While our staff is versed in the latest science and research, we believe that everyone is unique, with different histories, circumstances and approaches to dealing with life.

We know how scary it can be when you are facing a problem that you can’t solve by yourself. For most of us, reaching out for help is not easy. Our approach to therapy centers around the belief that we need CONNECTION in order to heal. This is why most self-help books aren’t as effective as they could be. There is a lot of potential good advice out there but in the absence of a supportive and caring connection, most of it is useless.

The relationship between the client and myself IS the healing piece. From that connection, you will feel safe and empowered. Then, exploring your problems seems manageable and finding solutions becomes possible. Our office provides the comfort and confidentiality of a small private practice, with the breadth of services found in larger clinics.  Learn more about our ADD ADHD treatment NYC.