Monotropism Questionnaire

How to Take the Test: When reading the questions, imagine situations that are stressful, uncomfortable or when you are excited. Often when we are at home and relaxed and calm, it is hard to tell how we feel. If the question is confusing, look underneath it for an explanation of the question.

  • Instructions:

    Please read the statements below and indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with them.
    After chaotic situations or too much socializing, you need to decompress and be alone.
    I do not have a problem with eye contact.
    I'm most calm when engaged in an activity that I really love.
    I prefer to talk about topics I'm interested in and feel comfortable when doing this.
    I get obsessed with things and hyperfocus on them and lose touch with anything else going on around me.
    The question is asking if you like social situations.
    I get anxious over things I can't control.
    If I'm doing something I'm not passioniate about or interested in, I have trouble filtering out random noises.
    People say I'm rude at times, even though I don't think I'm being rude.
    I do not get stuck in repetitive thoughts about a topic.
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