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How do I know if I have ADD/ADHD??
The best way to tell if you have ADD/ADHD is a comprehensive evaluation. This should include a clinical interview that looks at both childhood and current symptoms, assessments of executive functioning and a computer-based test of attention and focus. Take our short online Adult ADD quiz. 
What is a good diet to help ADD or Autism?
While no one diet has been definitively proven to treat symptoms of ADD or Autism, we recommend theZone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears to better control the roller coaster feeling associated with ADD/ADHD or Autism. 
Do you recommend Neurofeedback?
Yes. This exciting new treatment has shown promise for the treatment of ADHD. We offer neurofeedback as either a complimentary treatment to medication or as an alternative treatment for ADHD.
What is unique about the Sachs Center?
We provide a holistic approach to treatment, understanding that a variety of biological and environmental factors go into ADHD. Improving a client’s nutrition, family relationships, and organizational abilities, all have a direct impact on symptoms of ADD / ADHD and need to be acknowledged and treated simultaneously.
Do you have child psychologists?
Dr. Sachs is a child psychologist, and one of only a handful of male child psychologists in New York City with a thorough understanding of ADD /ADHD and Autism.
What is the best treatment for ADD/ADHD?
Current research demonstrates that a combination of medication, education, and support through therapy or coaching is most effective. Your therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual goals, needs and comfort level. Read full answer

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Do you prescribe medicine?
No. We do not, but can make a referral to a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner we recommend to our clients.
Do you do coaching?
Yes. We offer a strength-based approach to coaching which focuses on your core values, short and long term goals. Our experience with ADD/ADHD allows us to tailor your program to maximize your unique abilities. In addition to nutritional coaching and organizational coaching, we also specialize in life and social skill coaching for teens and adults on the spectrum.
Do you take insurance?
We work out of network with insurance companies. After receiving payment from you, we will provide you with a receipt so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.
What model of therapy do you practice?
Each therapist at the Sachs Center utilizes a different therapeutic approach based on the needs of the client. For example, the coaching process is much more cognitive and behavorial with a solution-oriented approach. Dr. Sachs was trained in both CBTand Gestalt psychotherapy and uses both in his treatment process.
Do you offer alternative treatments instead of medication?
We are open to working with the client’s needs and comfort levels. If a client does not want to use medication, we offer a combination of alternative treatments: Neurofeedback, Nutrition counseling, sleep hygiene and cognitive/behavorial strategies.
How do you work with schools or outside psychiatrists?
We employ an open approach to treatment. With your permission, we will talk with outside doctors and school officials to help you get the most out of the change process.
Does therapy Work?
Absolutely! Countless studies have shown that psychotherapeutic treatment works. The effects have been measured in terms of improved social functioning, relief from anxiety, reductions in depression.
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