ADD/ADHD Treatment for Teens

adhd treatment for teens

Does your teen struggle to pay attention, focus, start working on tasks, and complete assignments on time? Does your teen also have problems with anxiety, low-self-esteem or relationship issues? Do they feel angry, pissed, down in the dumps, or absolutely nothing? Do you wish you could have peace in the home? You might need our New York-based ADD/ADHD treatment for teens.

We can help. We provide support, guidance and answers for adolescent ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and social skill deficits.

Like many individuals, your teen may think coming to see someone about their problems for teen ADD/ADHD treatment is the last thing they would like to do. We understand this and work to build a bond with your teen, making them feel heard, allowing them to finally get things off their chest. Once we establish rapport and your teen is on board with the idea that we can help, we will do a comprehensive assessment to determine if they have ADD/ADHD symptoms or if something else is going on. This is where ADHD treatment for teens begins.

Difficulties for Teens with ADD/ADHD

Here’s a story about a typical adolescent client we see with Adolescent ADD/ADHD. We have changed the names and places.  Maybe they resemble your son or daughter. This is not only in teens or adults, ADHD in children is also getting a rise nowadays because of factors such as attention-deficit hyperactivity. They were in our ADD/ADHD Treatment for Teens program.

Steve, a tenth grader at Bronx Science, struggles at school. Though he’s always had trouble concentrating, increasing demands have recently made things worse. In class, he finds his mind wandering. Sometimes the teacher calls on him and he has no idea what’s going on. He often forgets books in his locker, so he is unprepared for his classes. He does his homework but forgets to bring it to school. It’s not surprising that he feels school is a waste of time. His room is a complete mess, and he feels unorganized. He often has trouble sitting still, and sometimes he snaps at his friends or family. Deep down he feels like crap and is teetering on full-blown depression. His family worries about him because of his grades and his attitude. He wants to do better, but he feels no control over his life. Could ADHD treatment for teens help Steve?

More About ADHD

Adolescent ADD ADHD Treatment

Steve has Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity or ADHD. People with ADHD generally have problems focusing their attention and are often restless and impulsive. ADHD is characterized by impulsiveness, distractibility, and disorganization. The symptoms are present from childhood with greater intensity than in the average person, so they interfere with daily functions. Though being diagnosed with ADHD makes many areas of life difficult, it is possible to treat and manage it. The Sachs Center specializes in compassionate adolescent ADHD treatment.

Behavioral intervention is a common ADD and ADHD treatment for teens and for ADHD in Children and adults. Proven psychosocial diagnosis and treatment include parent-teen training in problem-solving and communication skills, parent training in behavioral management methods and teacher training in classroom management.

The most common and effective treatment for teens with ADHD combines medication and psychosocial treatment approaches. This is sometimes referred to as multi-modal treatment.

To help your adolescent with ADD/ADHD and any other co-occurring emotional problems, mental health problems or for behavior therapy, call the Sachs Center. We can be supportive partner in your teen’s struggles. For ADD/ADHD treatment for teens in New York, contact us below.


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