Autism Spectrum Quotient

The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) is a self-administered questionnaire used to measure autistic traits in adults (age 16+) with IQ in the normal range (IQ >=80).

Autism Spectrum Quotient

For each statement below, choose one response that best describes how strongly that statement applies to you:

What does my score mean?

The AQ doesn’t really offer much insight into specific autistic traits, as it only outputs a single score. Any scores of 26 or greater indicate the presence of autistic traits; the higher the score, the more autistic traits you have.

Furthermore, 79.3% of autistic people score 32 or higher (whereas only 2% of controls do), so scores of 32 and above are particularly significant. The AQ is particularly sensitive in distinguishing between autistic and non-autistic adult females, as 92.3% of autistic females scored 32 or higher (compared to 1% of the control group).

Do note that no single test is conclusive, and not every autistic person necessarily scores above the defined threshold on each test. If you score low on the AQ but still think you could be autistic, try taking a few other autism tests.

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