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Adult ADD Testing

adult add testing, Adult ADD Testing

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Problems being consistent at work--maybe you were even laid off more times than you'd like others to know.  Is it a challenge showing up on time and keeping yourself organized? Consistently late for projects and turning in assignments past the deadline? Can't seem to get up and just go?!

If you relate to the majority of these situations, you might have Adult ADD.

Adult ADD is characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention, impulsivity and poor follow-through that interferes with functioning at home and at the office.  ADD starts in childhood and occurs throughout your life to varying degrees based on the environment or life situations.

An estimated 4.4% of adults have ADHD in the US.  When applied to the full US adult population ages 18 and over, approximately 10.5 million adults are estimated to have ADHD in the US.

Rather than take an online quiz and guess if you have Adult ADD, or have your family doctor read you ten symptom questions and hand you pills, why not come to the Sachs Center for comprehensive Adult ADD testing. You will know with confidence if you have ADD or not.

Know With Confidence if You Have Adult ADD

adult add testing, Adult ADD Testing

Many of our clients have shared the same experience with previous ADD evaluations. They go to a family physician or a very busy psychiatrist. The doctor spends ten minutes with them and says: "I think you have ADD," and then writes a prescription for medication.  The client takes the medication for a few months and then discontinues due to side effects. Deep down they're not 100% convinced they have Adult ADD. Years and months pass, but the problems persist.  Then they call us.

We promise a thorough comprehensive evaluation for Adult ADD.  The Adult ADD testing process is two hours in length and conducted in one day. You will leave our offices knowing for certain if you have Adult ADD/ADHD or not (and how you can treat it). Following through is your choice, but our goal is for you to feel confident in our assessment.

For more on our unique "Sachs Protocol," a holistic treatment model for Adult ADD, click here.


The intake occurs on the phone, where you consult with our staff to determine the next steps and how we can best meet your needs.  Our services are shared, our accepted payment methods are explained and an appointment is scheduled for the Adult ADD evaluation. You can also book your appointment online and one of our staff will call you for the initial intake questions. [Note: We are not in-network with any insurance company.]

ADD Testing

Clinical Interview

At our offices, you will sit down with our staff to begin the evaluation. We work hard to make you feel comfortable as we understand this can be a stressful process. During the first hour, we engage you in a discussion about your current problems, your childhood, school, work, medical and family histories. We will evaluate your symptoms using the latest evidence-based assessments designed by the top researchers in the field of ADD/ADHD.  We go beyond the ten simple question checklist that many other practitioners use for their assessment. The interview will cover past and present ADD/ADHD symptoms, developmental history, emotional functioning, academic history, work history, and personal and family psychiatric history.

There is no simple test for ADHD. However, there is a standardized way that ADHD is diagnosed. To be diagnosed with ADHD, a person must have all of the following:

  • Have at least 6 inattentive and/or 6 hyperactive/impulsive symptoms for at least 6 months to a degree that is inconsistent with developmental level and that negatively impacts directly on social and academic/occupational activities (for people ages 17 and older, only 5 symptoms must be present)
  • Have had several symptoms before age 12
  • Have several symptoms in at least 2 settings (such as home, school, or work)
  • Have symptoms that clearly interfere with or reduce the quality of social, academic, or occupational functioning
  • Have symptoms that are not be better explained by another cause (e.g., medical).

Computer Assessment

After the initial interview, we test your focus, attention and impulsivity using a scientifically-validated computer test. Scores are then generated and you are compared with thousands of others, with ADD/ADHD and those without, to statistically ascertain your exact level of impairment.  In the second hour, we also complement the computer test with further evidence-based tests of impulsivity, executive functioning, distractibility, attention and focus.

You will be given a five-minute break while we "crunch the numbers." The technology will be combined with our years of clinical experience to help us formulate our thoughts. We tease apart the data, ruling out other disorders that mimic the symptoms of ADD /ADHD (i.e., Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Peri-Menopause, Hormonal Imbalance).


We will discuss with you our findings and share our clinical expertise on the information we gathered.   We know that hearing you have ADD/ADHD might be confusing or scary. That is why we take the time to answer your questions and explain our holistic approach to treatment.  We walk you through our proven methods and provide you with the information and psycho-education you need to move forward with confidence. Your clinician will discuss the various options should you decide to pursue treatment at the Sachs Center. If interested, we will schedule a follow-up session to begin your treatment.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to changing your life. The diagnosis may explain why you may have struggled with things like paying attention, following instructions, losing things, being easily distracted and being unable to organize tasks and activities. Treatment can help you gain control over ADD/ADHD.

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