October 2014

Neurofeedback NYC

EEG- biofeedback, also called Neurotherapy or Neurofeedback, is a form of treatment utilizing the direct observation of the client’s EEG recordings and subsequently eliminating those abnormal brain waves that contribute to the client’s symptoms. This technique of rewarding ‘’healthy” brain waves helps heal multiple neurological and psychological conditions. Disorders effectively treated with this modality include …

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ADHD Brains & Poor Social Skills

Research by the National Institutes of Natural Sciences and National Institute for Physiological Sciences in collaboration with Professor Masami K. Yamaguchi and Assistant Professor Hiroko Ichikawa of Chuo University looked at facial expression recognition in children. A total of 13 children with ADHD and 13 typically developing children were observed. These children’s brain’s hemodynamic responses were recorded while the children were presented …

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