August 2015

Racism Root Kit

Abstract Despite efforts to increase racial awareness, Whites continue to display limitations in their ability to acknowledge their racist transgressions when confronted. Seemingly open-minded Whites continue to display what many authors have defined as “racial microaggressions” yet display an unwillingness to explore the antecedents to their behavior once challenged. What are the mechanisms that Whites …

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School Refusal

How to deal with a Child that refuses to go to school? “NO!” The last emphatic thing heard while your child storms up the stairs and slams the door to their room. You are left standing by the door holding a backpack and a lunchbox. You look at the time (8:00) if you don’t leave soon your …

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ADHD & Assertiveness

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, but often that doesn’t happen. It may take a great deal of effort to insist on fair treatment. You might even be put in an uncomfortable situation by having to confront a superior, but sometimes being assertive can be as simple as expressing your needs or opinions. However, many …

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