George Sachs PsyD

Dr. Sachs is a clinical psychologist in New York, specializing in ADD/ADHD and Autism in children, teens and adults.

adhd in the workplace

ADHD in the Workplace

In the dynamic and competitive world of work, individuals with ADHD often find themselves facing unique challenges. This article, written by an ADHD and Autism specialist, seeks to comprehensively explore the impact of ADHD in the workplace, shedding light on the hurdles faced by neurodivergent adults and providing strategies for not only navigating but thriving

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a woman with adhd relieves her stress with her dog by her side

Dogs Are Your Best Friend & Medicine (if you have ADHD)

In the world of ADHD, where each day brings its own set of challenges, many seek unique ways to navigate life’s twists and turns. Beyond traditional treatments, there’s a furry alternative that goes beyond companionship – dogs. Yes, you read it right. Dogs may not just be your best friends; they could also be a

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time management in adhd adults

Time Management Challenges with ADHD: Time Optimism

In today’s world, time management is a vital skill. It allows individuals to achieve their goals and meet deadlines while maintaining a feeling of control. However, for individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), time management can be a significant challenge. Time optimism is a result of the inherent difficulties in prioritizing and estimating time. This article

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woman with autism wonders if autism is really considered a disorder

Is Autism Really A Disorder?

  According to DSM-5 and many specialists, Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts communication, social interactions, and behavior. Also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Autism encompasses various symptoms with differing severity levels. Autism symptoms Level 1 Autism or (formally) Asperger’s is considered an official disorder by both DSM-5 and most experts. People

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an adult man with aspergers or autism

Explained by a Psychologist: Asperger’s or Autism – What’s the Deal?

In the past few years, the term Aspergers has been removed from psychologists’ diagnostic language. Why was this? Do we still use the term? Is it Asperger’s or Autism? What’s the deal? What is (Was) Asperger’s? Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is a form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that affects social interaction and communication. It is

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Social Anxiety in Adults with Autism

Neuroimaging studies show that a person’s amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for emotional memories, is associated with social anxiety disorders. Lifestyle treatments and alternative therapies for individuals with autism can help manage anxiety symptoms. However, learning the causes and triggers of a person’s anxious behavior is crucial in prescribing appropriate treatment plans for

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Internet Addiction and ADHD

Internet addiction (IA) has been considered a new psychiatric disorder(1). Based on a study, individuals using the internet excessively and pathologically are at risk of suffering from adverse consequences(2). Such consequences include getting into arguments, fatigue, social isolation, and even functional problems like poor grading in school, marriage failure, and job loss(3). Internet addiction can

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8 Unique and Easy Activities for a Hyperactive Child

Is your child constantly on the move? Maybe they’re just naturally overactive or have a lot of energy! Or it could be something else: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Whether they have ADHD or not, though, all children can be hyperactive. A child’s hyperactivity may manifest as restlessness, characterized by behaviors such as fidgeting and impulsive actions

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ADHD and COVID-19: Tips and How to Manage It

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders that affect children and adults(1). The uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic leaves many people vulnerable, including individuals with ADHD. As a result, they may experience distress and increased behavioral problems. Providing care for those with ADHD can be more challenging at this time

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