These are actual testimonials from the last six months. Both positive and negative.

I was overwhelmed by a positive experience. I felt understood and seen, which was comforting, and I am very glad to have come to Sachs Center. 

After my evaluation and diagnosis, I feel sane for the first time in my life.

Does a great job at being welcoming, gives really great advice, patient, and asks important questions that are eye-opening. Thank you!!

It was a seamless process!

The Aspie Quiz website/coloring was difficult to read.

Kristin was wonderful. She listened, and I felt like the entire process was thorough.

Dr. Marc Krauss was great. He listened to my concerns and experiences and explained things clearly and thoroughly.
It was good and I would not have been able to afford a dx otherwise. This is going to help me a lot so I am thankful.

I am unsure how the service can improve. My experience was 100% positive. I appreciated Elizabeth’s patience through the process and clear explanations of how to interpret the results.

What stood out to me was the care and understanding. This was a really validating experience. She was very compassionate and checked in with how I was feeling after I was diagnosed. I felt more at ease with accepting my diagnosis after she put things into perspective for me.

I was uncomfortable leading up to the evaluation, but Dr. Marc D Krauss was very welcoming and accepting, making it much easier.

The resources/powerpoint shared at the end felt rudimentary; it would be nice if there was a more comprehensive resource that was shared. Another member of the autistic community shared this resource with me, which did feel helpful: https://therapyforpetpeople.com/blog/im-autistic-now-what

This was my very first experience with a psychologist, and it will probably be one of the best experiences I will ever have. I felt anxious before starting, but once I got started, I felt so welcomed, and everything was so clear. I would recommend 10000%, especially the psychologist I was matched with.

My assessor was very professional and went over my concerns. I feel very validated and heard. Thank you again.

Wonderful setup and system. Already recommended to another friend looking for an ASD diagnosis.

Maybe, before the appointment there can be some questions or instructions to prepare before the evaluation. I wasn’t sure what to prepare and had a hard time remembering things on the spot. Everything was great with my appt and my questions where all answered with extra help and resources.

Had a great experience, thank you!

Some parts of the website were outdated or links didn’t work, and I only received an automated reply when I called to ask for evaluation info, it would have been nice to speak with a person. My actual appointment was great and I am happy with how my assessment was conducted and feel very confident in, and grateful for my diagnosis.

Frankly, I have had a lot of interactions with the medical system, in many disciplines, and this is easily one of the most positive experiences I’ve had. In contrast to other experiences, I felt listened to and treated with kindness and respect. For once it felt like the goal was to understand and not just to patch up the symptoms.

The whole experience was so easy and pleasant

I’m happy with my evaluation. It made assessment more financially accessible for me, and I am very grateful. I felt validated and listened to.

I love the fact that you publish your prices on your website. It’s such a rarity in medicine, and it made me feel so much better going into the evaluation that I didn’t have to wonder how much of a bill I would get at the end of it.

It was refreshing to work with Dr. Sachs. I’ve had my feelings discounted before, and it felt horrible. Dr. Sachs listened to me, took me seriously, and took the time to explain things when I needed clarification. I finally feel like I’m in the right track to getting the support I need. Thank you!

Everything was great. This session clarified a lot for me. Thank you!

I FINALLY felt heard and understood!! Thank you!! Best test and investment ever!! Thank you for the wonderful experience.

I don’t like the empathy quotient to assess Autism.

Kristen was very calm, patient, and kind. I enjoyed talking with her. I also liked hearing some of the science she offered at the end about the physiological link between the microbiome of the digestive system and neurological health.

The process was very straightforward, and I appreciated the explanations of what to expect beforehand since I like to over-prepare for things like this.

Great testing, everything was perfect.

No, everything was good. We received lots of good information and we never felt rushed.

Dr. Krauss was fantastic; I felt like he listened to me and helped me fully understand my diagnosis and potential next steps for treatment.

Really enjoyed my telehealth experience! I don’t have any suggestions on ways to improve.

Dr Krauss made me feel comfortable and explained the process well, also provided helpful context/explainers about my diagnosis of ADHD.

The Sachs Center made it so easy, especially compared to other practices I considered. These other practices said they might charge upwards of $4000 and that I would have to handle insurance on my own… which made it seem like they didn’t care about their ADHD patients, considering that one of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD is difficulty managing bills and paperwork. I could tell the Sachs Center truly understands ADHD and truly wants its patients to receive the best care because they made the process so simple, transparent, and affordable. Thank you.

Of course, I’m not talking for everyone else, but it was great being asked questions I’ve never even thought about that helped with the evaluation. It’s not really a negative because I understand there aren’t many places, and the call went lovely, but I would’ve liked it if the evaluation had been done in person. But that’s my preference. Again, the process went lovely, so thank you so very much.

I was quite anxious about this long-delayed assessment. I cannot compliment Dr. Morgan enough for her thorough, thoughtful, personal, and professional demeanor. I was at ease within the first few minutes, and the session far surpassed my expectations. Through both self-assessment and feedback of others over the years the resulting diagnosis was not a surprise, but it is a tremendous relief to now be able to focus more accurately on strategies to ensure I am able to perform at my personal best. I appreciate all of the resources that your organization has developed and assembled. I’ve got some homework to do.

I was very happy with my experience. Initially, I was hesitant to book an appointment because I have heard that people had negative experiences at other places when seeking out an autism diagnosis as an adult however, I am very happy that I chose this center. The doctor was compassionate and actually listened to my concerns. The doctor was very knowledgeable about autism in women.

In general, all is OK. I feel, however, it got ‘too easy’. Few general questions touching the surface. Maybe 2 hours is not enough to go on depth. Those tests could be done offline, saving 30mins. I learned a lot, too, and the info given and tips shared are very valuable. Thanks!

You have something going for you that I have not experienced in prior psychological evaluations. Everything was professionally done. And it was very relevant to my situation. The interview/conversational portion matched the assessments in relevance. There were no wasted moments. I was made to understand the relevance of what was going on and the post-assessment was clear, concise, and meaningful. Thanks a lot, Sachs. I can’t see anything I could input now, as per improvement needs. Just keep on doing what you do.

It was an amazing experience. The process was succinct—both the interview and the assessment—and the guidelines were clear and understandable.

Going into the appointment, I was very nervous and felt like I wanted to prepare a bit more, but didn’t know how to prepare more. There was information about what to expect, but I just wasn’t sure what to talk about. Not sure if it’s a problem necessarily with your information, or just my own problem of feeling like I’m not prepared.

Ms. Morgan was really great. Very compassionate. Thank you!