10 Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder


The wintertime blues are hard to beat. Wind whipping the house, and grey skies are hardly conducive to a warm cheery outlook but with a few simple tricks can brighten one’s depressing cold day.

1) Sunlight- In the winter months it can be very tempting to stay inside with the shades closed with a cup of hot tea and a book, but opening those blinds and exposing yourself to sunlight can help you feel better. If you live in a place where the world is forever dark, do not despair. There are several companies that sell lamps that emulate natural light wavelengths which generate the same effect.

2) Eat better- Nothing is better in winter than hot chocolate and marshmallows, but try for more protein and less carbs in your diet and you will find that you have more energy.

3) Get active- I’m not saying you need to go to the gym everyday but get out of the house, take a hike, see a movie, go to a museum. Adding surprise and variety to your days will make you excited to get out of bed and have more adventures.

4) Don’t isolate yourselves- see friends and family. The cheerful spirit will be infectious and you won’t help but smile.

5) Drink in moderation- While it may be fun to spend a few nights drinking heavily with friends, your depression will skyrocket with the hangover. Drink a little less and your mind ( and body) will thank you the next day.

10 Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder

6) Take vitamin D supplements- Vitamin D is the vitamin we get from sunlight and in the colder months, taking these supplements can boost your mood.

7) Make your bed in the morning, every day- if you make your bed you are less likely to climb back in it after breakfast

8) Drink tea- Not soda nor coffee, caffeine free tea not only relaxes you but you don’t get the energy crash later.

9) Set a sleep schedule- don’t spend all day napping in bed but rather ( if you need to) set a time to rest and try to fill up the rest of your day

10) Find a hobby- A hobby can keep you busy, excited, and energized in the cold months. Anything from a new book series to knitting, to puzzles can all prove to be goof sources of entertainment.