ADD & Masculinity

My husband tends to have a very child-like disposition at times. He can be very non-confrontational, and often lets himself get taken advantage of, especially in work situations. It’s very convenient for others to write him off or throw him under the bus because he simply doesn’t assert himself enough. Also, there have been times when I really needed him to stick up for me, and he didn’t. We went out to dinner once with a friend of his, who by all means was a very well learned man, but he was mercilessly rude to me all throughout dinner. He referred to me as stupid, and talked to me as though I was ignorant and worthless. I was actually reduced to tears, feeling as though I had done nothing to provoke this man, and yet he was being so mean to me. I was horribly embarrassed, and had to excuse myself to go cry in the restroom of the restaurant. What hurt me the most was that my husband didn’t stand up for me. He just sat there.