QEEG Brain Mapping

Our brains are electric. Every thought, emotion, and sensation happens because of small amounts of electricity firing between our brain cells. The well-known EKG process measures the electrical activity of your heart. Similarly, an EEG measures electrical activity in your brain to examine brain functioning. Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) uses digital technology for “brain mapping” electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp. These mainly reflect cortical activity, which you may know as “brain waves”. This technology can be used for our neurofeedback therapy in New York, which addresses many common irregularities and disorders in the brain.

What is QEEG?

brain mapping neurofeedback therapyQEEG is a ‘state-of-mind test’ for the brain. This data-driven testing provides an objective assessment of how our brain waves function. Firstly, the QEEG creates a 3-D reconstruction of brain activity. Because of this, we can see unique patterns of mental strengths and weaknesses. We are able to see not only what is happening in the brain, but where and how it is happening. Brain mapping shows areas of the brain where there is too little or too much activity. This process also highlights areas that are not coordinating their activity as well as they could. 

brain mapping neurofeedback therapyFor QEEG brain mapping, a computer captures what is called a “multi-electrode recording” of brainwave activity and converts it into numbers. These numbers are then statistically analyzed and converted into a color map of brain functioning. Through this process, we are able to accurately look at what’s happening in the brain. For context, we can statistically compare a patient’s/client’s performance to that of a large population database. With these comparisons, the clinician can determine if brain functioning is abnormal. This also sheds light on the degree, locations, and frequency bands (delta, alpha, gamma, etc) of abnormality.


Benefits of Brain Mapping

Once we see the reason for your struggles on a “brain level”, your clinician can choose specifically where to train your brain to best achieve your goals. This diagnostic information from brain mapping guides Neurofeedback protocols to uniquely treat a variety of brain dysregulations. These include: ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, memory disorders like Alzheimer’s, PTSD, sleep disorders, and more. In our New York neurofeedback therapy, the clinician uses harmless sensors to adjust the electrical patterns in your brain adjust to a healthier baseline. The ability to “rewire” your brain in a healthy and non-invasive way makes neurofeedback therapy an increasingly popular alternative to medication. With our neurological approach to treating these dysregulations and disorders, we may be able to help you in ways that traditional therapy/treatment has not. This exciting type of neurofeedback therapy could make a huge difference for you or your loved one.

To learn more about our New York Neurofeedback Training, click here.

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