The Climb Productivity Program [3 Months]

The Climb Productivity Program for healthy habits adults with ADD ADHD New York

What is The Climb?

We are starting a new intensive 3-month productivity program for adults with ADD in New York or remotely called The Climb. If you want to learn more about testing for Adult ADD and ADHD, click here. The Climb will help you or your loved one living with Adult ADD develop healthy habits and make the change you need in your life.

The Climb Productivity Program group will be run from our office in New York for adults with ADD, and we will meet once a week via video conference. Additionally, members are expected to carry out a short weekly call with someone else on the team. Nothing else is required except, of course, working to achieve your goal. 

The Climb Productivity Program focuses on setting one long term goal, such as writing a book. In addition, members commit to two daily habits that will positively impact their lives. Each day, they will work to incorporate these healthy habits into their lives. This could mean meditating, abstaining from processed sugar, spending twenty minutes on a task, exercising, calling ten potential customers, etc.

How this Productivity Program Will Help You

In the process of this productivity program, you will get support from your “tribe” (other members in the program) and from me.  You will learn tools, tips and techniques to improve executive functioning and self-regulation. Furthermore, you will develop a support system of people going through similar challenges in their lives.

As part of this productivity program, you will also try to do one thing, or “stretch,” that you’re afraid to do each week. That could mean having a difficult conversation with someone etc. Your [neuro] tribe will hold you accountable each week to that stretch as well.

The metaphor for the program is climbing Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Your goals may feel unattainable, like climbing Everest, but with help from me and your team, anything is possible.

The cost of the Climb Productivity Program is $75 a week. We accept credit cards, and we’re happy to provide receipts if you have out of network benefits.

We will limit our program size to a total of 5 people. Email me as soon as possible to sign up: Change the way you live with ADD through our exciting productivity program!

The Climb Productivity Program for healthy habits adults with ADD ADHD New York

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