8 Indoor Activities For Hyperactive Kids To Beat Cabin Fever

kids with adhd

Does your kid seem to be overactive most of the day? If so, they might be hyperactive or have a mental health condition known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A child’s hyperactivity can include restless behavior like fidgeting and impulsive behavior based on sudden urges.

The good news is that you can help your child cope with being overactive. The best options include natural treatments such as yoga exercises for hyperactive kids. If you want to avoid treating your child’s condition with pharmaceutical drugs since they contain strong chemicals and often trigger side effects.

An interesting Mayo Clinic article I read reveals it’s estimated that 7% to 9% of children and teens have ADHD(1).

In some situations, kids with ADHD are more hyperactive than attention-deficit yet still have difficulty paying attention.

It can be especially tough to deal with a hyperactive child when they’re cooped up inside during rainy days, snowstorms, or lockdowns.

Try to keep your child busy through fun indoor activities until he or she can play outside again.

Here are some of the best activities for hyperactive kids to prevent cabin fever:

Activity/Discovery Boxes

This option helps kids focus on engaging activities while having fun. The boxes can also provide benefits that can help treat hyperactivity.

Many companies produce these discovery boxes. The manufacturers often produce boxes for different age groups, which can range from toddlers to teens.

Another plus of these boxes is that they offer some special features. Each month offers a unique theme.

Music to Calm the Mind

Music can make a hyperactive child’s mind more peaceful. Studies show that musical activities can help improve a child’s brain function(2).

If your child loves to sing and play instruments. This activity can help his energy levels drop and be more focused.

Indoor Sports

Make sure you pick practical activities in a more enclosed space than outdoor football or basketball, for example. This way, you also keep your precious potted plants and lampshades out of harm’s way.

Here are some ideas for young athletes:

  • Boxing
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Martial arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga

These activities allow kids to channel energy into a constructive activity.

Besides traditional sports, your son or daughter can also enjoy digital age versions such as Nintendo Wii games and DVD exercise videos for kids.

Scavenger Hunt

This one is a classic yet timeless activity that many kids enjoy. Another benefit is that you can make it as basic or complex as you’d like.

For example, you could tweak the scavenger hunt for different age groups.

They can burn off energy by walking up and down the stairs, climbing over things like beds and couches, and squeezing into small spaces.

Your children will be doing a workout without realizing it!

Jumping-Only Space

Make sure you inform your kiddos that beds and couches are off-limits. This activity allows children to jump around on a designated spot on the floor. Keep in mind that trampolines don’t count.

Parents can also participate in this activity. It can help blow off steam after a busy day.

Bubble Wrap Fun

You can use several activities to inspire kids with this basic packaging material:

  • Create a “runway” that your child can walk on
  • Write alphabet letters on the bubbles, then see how fast they can pop them
  • Use bubble wrap squares to create a hopscotch grid
  • Have kids paint the bubble wrap, then press down to create “bubble print’ paintings

Make-Believe Fort, City, or Outer Space

Help your child build a tent, fort, or city in one of your home’s rooms. It’s a good alternative to camping in the backyard when it’s raining or snowing hard outside.

Another option is to convert your garage into a faux outer space.

What makes this activity an effective one? It will help to keep your kids busy, creating a make-believe world that’s light-years away.

Another major benefit of this activity is that it’s not inside the house. Hence, it’s another way to reduce the cabin fever effect.

It can help them feel less cramped and less hyperactive.

These active activities work better than passive activities like watching TV. Keeping hyperactive kids busy will ironically help to keep them calm.

Balancing Board

One main benefit of this activity for parents is it requires minimum materials, setup, and cleanup.

It’s also effective in your child’s development since it improves balancing and motor skills.

Balance-boarding is also helpful for kids to release energy so they’ll be less overactive and more thrilled.


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