8 Unique and Easy Activities for a Hyperactive Child

Is your child constantly on the move? Maybe they’re just naturally overactive or have a lot of energy! Or it could be something else: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Whether they have ADHD or not, though, all children can be hyperactive. A child’s hyperactivity may manifest as restlessness, characterized by behaviors such as fidgeting and impulsive actions driven by sudden urges.

Fortunately, your energetic kiddo can learn to manage their hyperactivity with time, but they need your help—and your patience. Many parents choose to medicate their ADHD child, which can be extremely beneficial. Others choose to avoid pharmaceutical drugs since they contain strong chemicals and often trigger side effects. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you can still use ideas for ways to keep your hyperactive son daughter busy at home.

The good news is that I made a list of fun and affordable (or free!) activities you can try at home with your child, perfect for overactive kids.

Whether you’re stuck indoors because of the weather or you’ve lost internet access due to a power outage—or anything in between—You’ll want to keep this list of engaging activities handy.

Here are some of the best activities—curated by an ADHD specialist and expert—for hyperactive kids. They can hopefully help to ward off cabin fever and promote a balanced and enjoyable indoor environment.

8 Unique Ideas for Activities for a Hyperactive Child

kids with adhd

1. Activity Boxes or Discovery Boxes

Discover the joy of activity boxes, finely tuned for various age groups from toddlers to teens. These specially curated boxes not only have fun and engaging activities but also offer benefits for managing hyperactivity. There’s a diverse selection available online from different companies. The manufacturers often feature unique monthly themes to keep the excitement fresh. (Boredom can be a major trigger for hyperactive kids with ADHD!) These boxes mix fun with therapeutic engagement for hyperactive kids and teens.

2. Use Music to Calm the Mind

Let’s talk about calming hyperactivity with music! Activities for a hyperactive child don’t have to be physical. It turns out, playing tunes can really bring peace to a hyperactive child’s mind. Studies even say musical activities can make a big difference in how a child’s brain works.

If your kid enjoys singing or playing instruments, this is perfect! It’s not just about making music; it’s like a superpower that helps their energy levels settle down, making it easier for them to concentrate. So, let the music play – turning hyperactivity into a calming melody. 🎶

3. Indoor Sports

Children love to play, and children with ADHD should play as much as they can. Make sure you pick practical activities in a more enclosed space than outdoor football or basketball, for example. This way, you also keep your precious potted plants and lampshades out of harm’s way.

Here are some ideas for young athletes:

  • Boxing
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Martial arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga

These activities for ADHD kids allow them to channel their energy into a constructive activity. Besides traditional sports, your son or daughter can also enjoy digital age versions such as Nintendo Wii games and exercise videos for kids on YouTube.

4. Set up a Scavenger Hunt

This one is a classic yet timeless activity that many kids enjoy. Another benefit is that you can make it as basic or complex as you’d like.

For example, you could tweak the scavenger hunt for different age groups. They can burn off energy by walking up and down the stairs, climbing over things like beds and couches, and squeezing into small spaces. Your children will be doing a workout without even realizing it!

5. Establish a “Jumping-Only Space”

Make sure you inform your kiddos that beds and couches are off-limits. This activity allows children to jump around on a designated spot on the floor. Keep in mind that trampolines don’t count.

Parents – you can also participate in this activity! (Just make sure you stretch first.) It can help blow off steam after a busy or stressful day.

6. Have some fun with bubble Wrap 

You can use several activities to inspire kids with this basic packaging material:

  • Create a “runway” that your child can walk on
  • Write alphabet letters on the bubbles, then see how fast they can pop them
  • Use bubble wrap squares to create a hopscotch grid
  • Have kids paint the bubble wrap, then press down to create “bubble print’ paintings

7. Make-Believe Fort, City, or Outer Space

Help your child build a tent, fort, or city in one of your home’s rooms. It’s a good alternative to camping in the backyard when it’s raining or snowing hard outside. Another option is to convert your garage into a faux outer space. What makes this activity an effective one?

It will help to keep your kids busy, creating a make-believe world that’s light-years away.

Another major benefit of this activity is that it’s not inside the house. Hence, it’s another way to reduce the cabin fever effect. It can help them feel less cramped and less hyperactive.

These active activities work better than passive activities like watching TV. Keeping hyperactive kids busy will ironically help to keep them calm.

8. Get Them a Balancing Board

One of my favorite activities for a hyperactive child! One main benefit of this activity for parents is it requires minimum materials, setup, and cleanup. It’s also effective in your child’s development since it improves balancing and motor skills.

Balance-boarding is also helpful for kids to release energy so they’ll be less overactive and more thrilled.