ADD in Women & Sex

Effects of ADD on Sexuality

Dealing with a disorder such as ADD can be exhausting and difficult for women, especially during times of intimacy. Just as any other activity when suffering from this disorder, a person with ADD can become distracted during sex, lose interest, or just become too tired to continue. This can be a downer for anyone’s sex life and can cause self-esteem issues in the person suffering from the disorder, wondering if there is something wrong with them.

Many women tend to just try to ignore the issues and don’t really talk about it with their partners, but that can be one of the worst things one can do. There are some solutions one can try when encountering problems of disinterest during sex, but I will mention those later in this article.

adhd in women

Another effect ADD can have on a woman’s sexuality is it can cause them to be very sensitive. Some women don’t enjoy the act of receiving oral sex because the sensations feel more painful and/or irritating than anything else. These are all completely normal symptoms. ADD can also cause hypersexuality or hyposexuality. Hypersexuality is the desire to have sex too much, and hyposexuality is the lack of desire to have sex. And these things are also a symptom of depression and anxiety, which can sometimes go hand-in-hand with ADD. All of these symptoms can wreak havoc on relationships or sex in general.


There is no cut and dry or quick solution for any of this. It all takes a lot of time, communication, and patience. But if there is a desire to try and improve one’s sex life while suffering from ADD, communication is one of the most important aspects of receiving treatment.

Whether you simply communicate with your partner or a professional sex therapist, it can help a great deal. After discussing with a partner, there are relaxation methods a couple can try together.

Once knowing the issues, a sexual partner will also be more aware and less likely to do the things that may cause irritation or discomfort during sex. Smells, sounds, even the texture of bedsheets can distract a person with ADD during intimate moments.

Once a partner knows this, they’re more likely to avoid using those things that might cause sensitivity. Or at least they might try to be more understanding when the intimate nights don’t go exactly as planned.

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