Common Autistic Traits in Women

Originally "List of Female Asperger Syndrome Traits" from (no longer active) by Rudy Simone.
Adapted by Taylor Heaton (, Youtube: Mom on the Spectrum)


Common Autistic Traits in Women


Appearance / Personal Habits

1. Dresses comfortably
2. Spends less time on grooming and hair
3. Eccentric personality and/or appearance
4. Is young for her age in preferences, appearance and tastes
5. Usually more expressive than autistic males
6. May have androgynous traits with feminine appearance
7. Camouflages socially and may lack sense of identity
8. Retreats with reading and/or tv and movies
9. Manages stress with rules, discipline and routines
10. Happiest at home or other controlled environments

Intellect / Education / Vocation

11. Considered "gifted", shy or sensitive when young
12. Overt or covert learning deficits
13. Often musical, artistic
14. May have savant skill or strong talent
15. May gravitate towards computers and technology, or writing, languages and psychology
16. May self-taught skills
17. May be highly educated but struggle with social aspects
18. May have partial degree(s)
19. May be passionate about one course of study then change course quickly
20. May have trouble staying employed or finding work
21. Slow to comprehend some things due to sensory and cognitive issues
22. Prefers written rather than verbal instructions
23. May have obsessions that are less obvious than ASD males

Emotional / Physical

24. Emotionally immature or sensitive
25. Frequent anxiety and/or fear
26. More open to discussing feelings than ASD males
27. Strong sensory issues/prone to overwhelm
28. Prone to depression. May have been diagnosed as bi-polar or manic depressive instead of ASD
29. Sensitive to medication and anything she puts in/on her body
30. Gastrointenstinal issues
31. Stims to soothe when agitated
32. Prone to temper or crying meltdowns in public
33. Physical when happy
34. Hates injustice and being misunderstood, can incite anger
35. Prone to mutism when stressed
36. May have unique voice quality or speak in monotone

Social / Relationships

37. Words and actions are often misunderstood
38. Perceived to be cold-natured or self-centered
39. Can be shy or mute
40. Doesn't go out much or prefers to go out only with partner
41. May get fired up when talking about passions or special interests
42. May prefer spending time with animals
43. May not go many "girly" things or have many girlfriends
44. May shut down in social situations when overloaded but is better at masking than ASD males. May appear socially skilled but it's a performance
45. Can have trouble maintaining close friendships
46. May choose to remain celibate or alone. If in a relationship takes it very seriously.
47. Due to sensory issues, may thoroughly enjoy sex or strongly dislike it
48. Can be awkward in flirting attempts