Do you have ADHD?

Here are some questions asked in our ADHD evaluations.

How often do you leave tasks, projects or hobbies halfway done?

How often do you put off boring tasks for weeks if not months?

How often do you struggle to get organized or stay organized?

How often do you forget appointments or important obligations?

How often do you struggle to meet deadlines? Turning important things in late.

How often do you feel restless and unable to sit still for long periods of time?

How often do you lose important items like phones, keys, wallets, earbuds, etc.?

How often do you find yourself sending impulsive texts, emails, or saying things impulsively?

How often do you find yourself unable to do anything, completely overwhelmed?

How often do you feel like others don't like you or that you will be rejected?

Do you have family members, friends or coworkers that have complained to you about these symptoms above or mentioned that you might have ADHD?

If you answered Often or Very Often to these questions, you might have ADHD and a further more comprehensive evaluation is needed. Contact us at 646.603.0491 or schedule an evaluation here at