Empowering Growth: Gestalt Therapy for Autism

Dr. George Sachs is trained in Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt therapy focuses on the here-and-now experience and encourages clients to take personal responsibility for their actions and lives. While other forms of treatment look back into a client’s history, Gestalt therapy focuses on the current moment. Rather than forming “interpretations” as to the problem, Dr. Sachs helps the client stay in the present and become more fully aware of their feelings and emotions. The goals of Gestalt Therapy are to support the client in becoming free from the self-created roadblocks that impact happiness and healthy development. The key ingredient in Gestalt therapy is the relationship between client and therapist that is developed and nurtured over the course of therapy.

Gestalt therapy also helps clients gain a better understanding of how their emotional and physical bodies are connected. Understanding the internal self is the key to understanding actions, reactions and behaviors. Gestalt therapy helps a client take the first step into this awareness so that they can acknowledge and accept these patterns.

Through a journey of self-discovery, this form of therapy also empowers a client with the skills necessary to face stressful situations. The answers lie within us all, and this wisdom helps each of us become more accepting of ourselves and others, which carries over into our communication, decisions and relationships. People who participate in gestalt therapy feel more self-confident, calm and at peace. Gestalt therapy is an effective approach for managing tension, depression, anxiety, addiction, post-traumatic stress and other psychological challenges that prevent people from achieving a free and fulfilling life.   — Goodtherapy.org

Gestalt Therapy, as explained by Dr. George Sachs, places great emphasis on awareness and personal responsibility as key elements to foster self-awareness and emotional growth. The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist plays an essential role in breaking free of self-imposed barriers and helping individuals feel at peace with themselves and life overall. Gestalt Therapy serves as an effective means of managing psychological challenges to promote an authentic life for everyone involved.