Neuropsychological Testing for ADHD and other Classroom Challenges

Testing for ADHD

Does your child struggle in school?

Are you concerned that he or she isn’t performing up to his or her potential?

Are you getting phone calls from teachers asking for your child to be tested?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we want you to know that the Sachs Center can help. In addition to ADHD testing, we offer comprehensive neuropsychological testing services that have important benefits for concerned parents and educators.

“While there are many competent clinicians in New York City, not all clinicians can accurately diagnose and make clear and specific recommendations….  I highly recommend Dr. Sachs to families who are looking for answers to their child’s educational challenges.”

— Tracey Spencer Walsh, Partner (Mayerson & Associates)

The term ‘neuropsychological testing’ for ADHD or other challenges, may sound intimidating, but there’s nothing to worry about. Dr. Sachs and his team regularly perform neuropsychological testing in NYC.  This type of psychoeducational testing includes an assessment of memory and learning styles, attention span, language development, visual/spatial aptitude, motor and sensory skills and executive functioning.

Sometimes these aspects of your child’s abilities are referred to as multiple intelligences, including:

  • Interpersonal: The ability to understand other people
  • Intrapersonal: Having an understanding of yourself, of knowing who you are, what you can do, etc…
  • Visual/Spatial: The ability to present the spatial world internally in your mind
  • Musical/Rhythmic: The capacity to think in music, to be able to hear patterns, recognize them and perhaps manipulate them
  • Existential: To exhibit the proclivity to pose and ponder questions about life, death and ultimate realities
  • Logical/Mathematical: The ability to understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system
  • Verbal/Linguistic: The capacity to use language to express what’s on your mind and to understand other people
  • Naturalist: The ability to discriminate among living things as well as sensitivity to other living things
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic: The capacity to use your whole body

Neuropsychological testing for ADHD and other developmental challenges, including autism, intellectual disabilities or emotional dysregulation, is effective. Once our evaluation is complete, Dr. Sachs and his team of experts will create a comprehensive profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as an intervention strategy tailored to your child’s specific needs.

At the Sachs Center, we take pride in our ability to provide you with findings that are thorough, accurate and easy to understand. In many cases, we can have the results for you in just two or three weeks.

“Dr. Sachs is a highly reputable clinician who is the full package when it comes to helping students and their families.  He identifies problems that interfere with a student’s ability to learn and makes clear and specific recommendations for each student. Families working with the Sachs Center also learn how to advocate for support services that their son or daughter may need.  I highly recommend Dr. Sachs to families that are looking for answers to their child’s educational challenges.”

–          An education attorney who works with one of our clients

Maybe you want to know if your older child qualifies for testing accommodations for the SATs, GREs, GMATs and other standardized entrance exams.

Similar to our neuropsychological testing in NYC, the extra-time testing in NYC done by the Sachs Center involves specific tests that are acceptable to the various testing boards to prove disability. We have a great deal of experience doing these assessments and have had success in getting students extended time accommodations for the SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT. 

If you or your child could benefit from neuropsychological testing, call the Sachs Center at 646-807-8900.