ADHD and the Elderly

ADD in Adult Women and in Girls

In recent years, there has been more attention paid to the gender gap that exists in medical research. Traditionally, the majority of medical testing has focused on men’s health.  For example, as the BU Today website reported, “Medical research in many areas, including cardiovascular disease (which kills more women than men), often includes few women subjects.” Unfortunately, a gender gap definitely exists …

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Neuropsychological Testing for ADHD and other Classroom Challenges

Does your child struggle in school? Are you concerned that he or she isn’t performing up to his or her potential? Are you getting phone calls from teachers asking for your child to be tested? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we want you to know that the Sachs Center can help. In addition …

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Neurofeedback for ADHD in Children

When the American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed scientific evidence about non-medical treatments for ADHD, they rated neurofeedback as a Level 1 intervention, indicating it had “Best Support” in scientific research for treatment of ADHD.  Their report was made to guide practitioners, educators, youth, and families in developing appropriate plans using psychosocial interventions. Neurofeedback – which may …

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ADHD in the Elderly

ADHD in the Geriatric Population “I keep losing everything”, an elderly woman says to you. This could be a family member or a friend that you are visiting, who it seems is experiencing typical aging impairments. “Where are my sandals, again?” she asks, appearing frazzled.  After glancing around the room, you respond, “Oh, the sandals …

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