New Men’s Group Coaching at the Sachs Center

For most men, asking for support is thought of as a sign of weakness. However, this stereotype is changing, as more and more men are seeking therapy for a variety of issues. One of the best ways for men to receive the benefits of a therapy, without the stigma attached, is enrolling in ongoing Group Coaching.

The Sachs Center in Manhattan, NYC’s premiere ADD/ADHD Treatment Center, now offers Group Coaching for men with ADD. Participants will receive professional support on whatever issues they are currently struggling with as men in today’s society.

Group Coaching for men with ADD is not geared toward any specific demographic of men, or toward any specific issue men face. Rather, Group Coaching provides the space for any type of man to get support with any type of issue, from Substance Abuse, to Relationship Issues, to Anger Management or Parent Coaching.

Participation in a group setting provides additional treatment options not available in traditional one-on-one therapy. In addition to the support of the licensed therapist, provided by the Sachs Center, participants in the Men’s Coaching Group serve as mentors and peers to support one another with their individual issues. Camaraderie and brotherhood play a central role in the treatment, as many men in Group Coaching have formed lasting and meaningful friendships.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to accept support from others, and often report feeling less alone in the world through understanding and offering compassion to other men in a variety of trying situations. By understanding the problems of others, they are better able to clarify their own problems, and can thereby receive the support and healing they need to overcome whatever issues plague them.

By attending the Men’s Coaching Group, participants often find that their feelings of purpose in their lives become clearer, as they develop a stronger sense of responsibility (and accountability) to the group, and to themselves. They learn that their actions impact others, first within the group, and then with others they care about.

Group members also experience the benefits of emotional support and authentic encouragement from one another. Moreover, the mere fact of attending the group (“showing up” for one’s self as a member of a group) can have a very beneficial effect to each member’s sense of self-worth and self-confidence. By learning to trust other men with their inner thoughts and fears, numerous studies on men in Group Coaching have proven the significant improvement in helping members to heal emotional and psychological wounds, including depression, anxiety, anger, and shame.