add.quizBelow is a series of quizzes to assess if you or a loved one might have ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression or Aspergers. These quizzes are not diagnostic and do not indicate that you have these disorders, but rather if a follow-up evaluation with a trained professional might be helpful.

After taking the quiz you will receive an email indicating your score and whether it is advisable to get further testing to confirm a diagnosis.

Adult ADD Quiz

Everyone is prone to periods of disorganization and lack of focus, especially in our fast paced world. But people with ADD/ADHD have struggled with attention, focus, and poor organization their whole lives— with significant negative impact. Maybe you got reprimanded at work or lost your job. Find out if you have ADD /ADHD and get the help you need.

Child & Teen ADD/ADHD Quiz

Learning your son or daughter has ADD or ADHD is never easy. But with an accurate diagnosis, treatment and support, your child will be able to achieve his or her goals.

Anxiety Quiz

Chronic anxiety can be a very debilitating disorder, making life less enjoyable. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that work to substantially reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Depression Quiz

Do you think you or a loved one might be depressed? While everyone gets down from time to time, depression lasts at least six months and can destroy one’s life.

Aspergers Quiz

Aspergers and other spectrum disorders are becoming quite prevalent, either due to increased awareness or environmental factors. While the cause is still unknown, proper evaluation and treatment can provide tremendous benefits towards you or your loved one’s goals.


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