August 2017

Outgrowing ADHD … or growing into it?

ADHD across the life span About 1/3 of children who are diagnosed with ADHD are said to no longer meet criteria for it when they reach adulthood. Still, this leaves a majority of the children diagnosed with ADHD, experiencing the symptoms throughout their life time. Children with more severe impairments or co-morbid conditions (such as …

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ADHD and Creativity

What is creativity? Creativity, according to, is  “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work”. Creative people are generally described as people who are good at coming up with new ideas, generating novel solutions and in general thinking “outside of the box”. When one thinks of …

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ADHD and Productivity

ADHD and Productivity Challenges While people with ADHD face challenges due to increased distraction and difficulty with attention, they can succeed in the work place with the proper treatment and strategies. Adults with ADHD, especially those who are not diagnosed or not in treatment, are susceptible to start tasks and not finish them. Moreover, people …

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Inattentive ADHD [a.k.a ADD]

There’s a young girl in elementary school always day dreaming in her own world and taking home lower test grades. During parent teacher conferences, the teacher tells her parents that the child needs to make more of an effort, care more about her studies and try to focus. Now in the same class is a …

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