Childhood ADD

ADHD Accommodations for the Classroom

My child has ADHD, how do I help?             Children who are diagnosed with ADHD are eligible to receive accommodations in the classroom setting. Simply put, accommodations are implemented to remove the barriers which are preventing these children from learning and performing to the best of their ability. ADHD can drastically inhibit a child’s ability

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Weighted Blankets and ADD in Adults and Children

Weighted Blankets and ADD in Adults and Children

Weighted blankets, which have long been used by occupational therapists working with children on the autism spectrum or who have sensory processing difficulties, are now widely available. Weighted blankets also offer benefits to adults with ADD.   By exerting a form of deep pressure on your body, weighted blankets are credited with reducing stress. Also called

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Would your child benefit from a Social Skills Group?

Not everybody is the life of the party. And that’s okay! If you or your child have been through ADD testing and are looking for ADHD treatment in NYC, don’t be discouraged. You can find Social Skills Groups at the Sachs Center – an innovative practice focused on the treatment and testing of ADD/ADHD and Asperger’s in children, teens

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Neurofeedback for Autism

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) vary in terms of severity and deficit level but in general experience trouble with social interactions and communicating with others. Early intervention is key for children with autism to improve their symptoms, scholastic abilities, and attention levels. Many different therapies and behavioral strategies are utilized by parents and caregivers

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Neurofeedback- Train your Brain!

Neuro-feedback for ADHD  ADHD is a brain-based disorder, meaning that those who experience symptoms of ADHD are experiencing a level of dysregulation in their brain circuitry. When a child has trouble concentrating in history class or a co-worker at work cannot seem to remember to get things in on time, this is not an act of

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