4 Signs of an Effective Therapist

So you’ve been diagnosed with Adult ADD.

Now what?

It can be scary receiving a diagnosis that tells you you’re different from everyone else. Reaching out for help is a brave thing to do, but it’s not always easy.

We at the Sachs center want to offer you a comfortable, supportive environment. Our office is small, but we feature many of the services available at the larger clinics, such as:

  • ADD/ADHD Evaluations
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Individual and group (including social skills groups)
  • Neurofeedback training
  • Medication referrals and prescriptions
  • Academic tutoring referrals

Moreover, we believe in connecting with our clients. Besides the breadth of services we offer, we believe the most effective therapy involves careful assessment and consistent communication with the client. We believe you are the expert on you.

Albert Schweitzer said: “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him… We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

Here are some of our beliefs about what makes an effective therapist:

  1. Therapist stays client-focused. Therapy is a two-way street. You are here  to seek out advice, but it’s our job to listen to you. Therapy is designed to be a partnership. Partnering with you to meet your individual therapy needs fosters not only connection but empowerment. Collaboration with clients with their therapy leads to the patient’s self-efficacy, a necessary ingredient to change.
  2. While healing can take a lifetime, therapy must show progress toward a resolution, or completion. As for the progress, it is important to remember your therapist is meant to be a guide, not a rescuer. Therapy requires the willingness of the patient to do mental and emotional work to change. Patience is necessary, but there should be some signs of progress as well.
  3. Your therapist has advanced training, experience and shows consistent professionalism. This includes maintaining confidentiality. These factors are important for you to trust your therapist.
  4. Therapy is holistic, treating all the facets of your daily life starting with admitting there is a problem, and then applying suggested solutions. We support you through each step, ensuring that solutions are found and implemented.

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George Sachs, PsyD is a clinical psychologist in Manhattan and founder of the Sachs Center. He specializes in the testing and treatment of ADHD and Autism in children and adults. He uses a holistic approach for treatment, which includes therapy, diet, exercise, medication if needed and neurofeedback training. Dr. Sachs has appeared on NBC, CBS, and Vice TV.  Dr. Sachs is also the author of three books, including his most recent Adult ADD Solution and Helping Your Husband with ADHD.