Home improvement star talks about his adult ADD in new book

Ty Pennington, star of TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the current Trading Spaces reboot, shares parts of his personal story in a new book out this month. If you’re a fan of home improvement shows, you are probably familiar with Pennington and his seemingly boundless energy. But you probably didn’t know that he went through ADD testing as an adult

In early chapters in Life to the Extreme: How a Chaotic Kid Became America’s Favorite Carpenter, Pennington talks about his life growing up in Georgia where he built his first treehouse. Before getting to his incredible television success, he also talks about what it was like undergoing ADHD testing in college and receiving a positive diagnosis of adult ADD.

Apparently, the home renovation pro sees his life has been one adventure after another. In the book, which was written with Travis Thrasher and published by Zondervan, Pennington shares the life lessons he’s learned through years – including the importance of serving others, the power of random acts of kindness, and the need to battle whatever life throws at you.

Home improvement star talks about his adult ADD in new book

Volunteering played an important on Extreme Makeover, but that wasn’t just for the cameras.  Pennington served as ambassador for the Sears American Dream campaign and frequently volunteers his time with Abōd Shelters Foundation, a charitable organization with a mission to provide sustainable, quality housing to areas in need around the world.

Of course, Pennington isn’t the first celebrity to admit that he took the ADHD test for adults. But it is great to see an example of someone who received a diagnosis of adult ADD but didn’t let it stop him. Whether you’re a fan of home improvement shows or not – and whether you’re dealing with ADD in adults yourself or are looking for ADHD treatment in NYC for a child – Pennington’s story is a reminder that the condition doesn’t define you.

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