Adolescent Therapy Available at Sachs Center

Adolescent Therapy Available at Sachs Center

Adolescence is a time of great change in an individual. Children learn how to make decisions and embrace changes in life. Sometimes the changes adolescents experience can lead to negative outcomes such as emotional, social and behavioral problems which include eating disorders, drug use, alcohol abuse, disruptive behavior and more. That’s why the medical professionals here at Sachs Center know it’s important for adolescents to receive therapy that will help them work towards a better tomorrow.

Adolescent Therapy

Much like the therapy available to adults, Sachs Center offers individual therapy for adolescents. Early intervention is key, so the sooner you are able to get your child into the office, the better off their road to recovery will be. We develop a trusting, safe environment for them to feel welcomed in. Communication is the biggest part to this therapy and since it takes adolescents a long time to trust and open up, it may take longer than most therapy sessions. It’s important to stay positive and keep encouraging the adolescent toward change. They have the right tools to make that positive change, they just need to be comfortable and brave enough to use them.

Teen Group – Dragon Masters Social Skills Group

This group was formed to help young, adolescent males control their impulses, express emotions, and learn how to be respectful and open to the world. The social skills group is $100 per session. We currently meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at our Upper West Side office. The educational curriculum of the series will focus on the five core social and emotional competencies outlined by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Collaborative For Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL, 2004). These core competencies are listed below:


• Identifying emotions: Identifying and labeling one’s feelings.
• Recognizing strengths: Identifying and cultivating one’s strengths and positive qualities.

Social Awareness:

• Perspective-taking: Identifying and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others.
• Appreciating diversity: Understanding that individual and group differences complement each other and make the world more interesting.


• Managing emotions: Monitoring and regulating feelings so they aid rather than impede the handling of situations.
• Goal setting: Establishing and working toward the achievement of short- and long-term pro-social goals.

Decision Making:

• Analyzing situations: Accurately perceiving situations in which a decision is to be made and assessing factors that might influence one’s response.
• Assuming Personal responsibility: Recognizing and understanding one’s obligation to engage in ethical, safe, and legal behaviors.
• Respecting others: Believing that others deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion and feeling motivated to contribute to the common good.
• Problem solving: Generating, implementing, and evaluating positive and informed solutions to problems.
Relationship Skills:
• Communication: Using verbal and nonverbal skills to express oneself and promote positive and effective exchanges with others.
• Building relationships: Establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding connections with individuals and groups.
• Negotiation: Achieving mutually satisfactory resolutions to conflict by addressing the needs of all concerned.
• Refusal: Effectively conveying and following through with one’s decision not to engage in unwanted, unsafe, unethical, or unlawful conduct.

Family Therapy

We offer family therapy which allows adolescents to work through issues alongside their parents. Sometimes adolescents really need to feel like they are supported in order to effectively change. This type of therapy allows the adolescent to know that their parents believe in them by the parent’s willingness to work through issues towards a resolution in conflicts. The treatment plan is designed to help each family member understand one another and learn how to function as a whole unit. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the issues and the willingness of each member to work together.

Wilderness Referral Program

Sachs Center also offers a Wilderness Referral Program for troubled adolescents who are in need of learning how to make better decisions and live a more healthier, productive life. This program is known as The Pacific Quest and is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Pacific Quest is an alternative program to help disruptive adolescents and young adults learn how to cultivate the land and understand more about sustainable sources. This program allows adolescents to become one with nature and learn that there is more life then what they are experiencing currently.

Academic Tutoring

Sachs Center also provides academic tutoring for adolescents. If a troubled adolescent is struggling in school then they can benefit from academic tutoring through Prestige Prep. This will help them with school work and improve their academic achievements, which will also help improve their quality of life.
All of these therapy options are available for adolescents at Sachs Center. If you or a loved one are in need, please call us today to learn more.