ADHD & Autism Testing Dallas

The Sachs Center: ADHD & Autism Testing and Treatment clinic is now open in Dallas, Texas. We are specialists in ADHD and Autism (ASD) in children, teens and adults. Our doctors and psychologists are experts in diagnosing ADHD and Autism, particularly in women, non-binary, and BIPOC adults. We use the latest diagnostic tests to accurately determine if you or a loved one has ADHD or Autism.

ADHD and Autism testing Dallas texasWe understand you may be anxious about seeking ADHD or Autism testing. A diagnosis can be life-changing and life-affirming as well.

We are patient and compassionate clinicians, providing a safe space for you or your loved one to share vulnerable symptoms and seek answers to your questions.

All of our testing is done remotely via Zoom or Google Meet. This allows you to be comfortable in your own home during the ADHD or Autism testing. For more answers to your questions about pricing, insurance, or how the testing works, please see our FAQ page, here.

ADHD & Autism Testing Dallas

4161 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

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