ADHD Brains & Poor Social Skills

adhd-testing-nycResearch by the National Institutes of Natural Sciences and National Institute for Physiological Sciences in collaboration with Professor Masami K. Yamaguchi and Assistant Professor Hiroko Ichikawa of Chuo University looked at facial expression recognition in children.

A total of 13 children with ADHD and 13 typically developing children were observed. These children’s brain’s hemodynamic responses were recorded while the children were presented with 2 pictures, one of a happy face and the other of an angry face. They used non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy to measure their brain activity.  It was noted that typically developing children showed significant hemodynamic response to both the happy expression and angry expression in the right hemisphere of their brains. Children with ADHD, however, responded only to the happy expressions but not to the angry expressions. No response was observed for any angry expressions at all.

ADHD Brains & Poor Social Skills

The difference in how our children with ADHD brains respond might be the reason why many children with ADHD also have impaired social recognition, which causes causes problems with peers. Often children with ADHD are misunderstood and they tend to be excluded from activities.

Here at Sachs Center, we listen with care and understand the unique emotional needs of your child with ADHD. We develop their strengths. Our highly skilled therapists offer  support in bringing forth the best in your children.

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