Career Coaching

Career coaching helps and supports an individual understand what they really want to do with their career and then develops a strategy to achieve it.  If you are finding yourself in a job that you see no future or in a position where you don’t know what career path to follow, then career coaching might be the right service for you.
In a series of one-on-one sessions, coaching will help you gain clarity about the right career path for you by increasing your self-awareness and helping you develop a concrete career plan on how to achieve your goals.  Sometimes it can be extremely hard to achieve this clarity by yourself, even with advice from friends and family.  You may struggle to identify the right choices without some professional help.
Your career coach will look at your skills, career, personality, values and life history.  This process will give you time to reflect on what matters to you, what makes you happy by uncovering meaningful priorities and by looking at possible new career options that are right for you.  A career coach can help you to identify negative thoughts and behavior work patterns, identify and turn things around that hold you back and support you with CV writing.