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person with adhd and autism speaks to human resources at their job to acquire workplace accommodations and disclose their diagnosis

Accommodations for ADHD and Autism in the Workplace

Struggling to keep up at work due to ADHD or Autism? You’re not alone. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are two common neurodevelopmental disorders that can affect adults in the workplace. ADHD, ADD, and Autism present unique challenges for employees—but with the right accommodations, neurodivergent adults (people with ADHD, ADD, […]

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adhd in the workplace

ADHD in the Workplace

In the dynamic and competitive world of work, individuals with ADHD often find themselves facing unique challenges. This article, written by an ADHD and Autism specialist, seeks to comprehensively explore the impact of ADHD in the workplace, shedding light on the hurdles faced by neurodivergent adults and providing strategies for not only navigating but thriving

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Career Assessment

Almost everyone experiences difficulties when it comes to choosing their career path. Career Assessment can give you the information you need to make important career decisions and to gain a better understanding of yourself. A Career Assessment can help students or individuals who want to make career choices identify a career path that is relevant

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