ADD Treatment and Therapy

ADD Treatment and Therapy. Sachs Center Manhattan’s UWS, New York NYC. 646.807.8900

Bring Change to Mind is helping reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, including ADD in adults.

If you’ve ever heard actress Glenn Close talk about her own family’s experiences in coping with mental health, you’ll know what a powerful advocate she is for the mental health community and for every family and every individual dealing with mental health issues – including those who are coming to the Sachs Center for ADD testing or ADHD …

Bring Change to Mind is helping reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, including ADD in adults. Read More »

Extra Time for Testing

Extra time testing Up until about 15 years ago, if students received extra time on standardized tests, their scores were “flagged”- meaning colleges and programs were notified about the accommodation.  However, this is no longer the case, now that the process to receive these special accommodations is more regulated and formalized. Parents can submit a …

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ADHD and Financial Stress

With the holidays coming up, the word ‘Sale’ is in about every store window, and clothing ads manage to sneak up in most browsers. December and January are just more expensive months with Christmas, New Years, Hannukah, gift giving and sales. But if you’re not careful, you can spend more than you need too.  People …

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Technology and ADHD

More screen time….. But at what cost? Technology has been advancing at such a fast rate. With these advancements, we see improvements in medicine, doing simple household chores (dishes anyone?) and in a vast array of other activities (purchasing tickets, making reservations etc.)  We also now use our mobile phone devices, computers and watch TV …

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder-

Every class has its clown, the mischievous little boy or girl who loves to disobey the teacher to amuse the rest of the students. Children have their “tough moments”, where they tantrum in the street over a toy and scream on top of their lungs to get what they want. These incidents, are normal for …

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Neurofeedback for Children with ADHD

Parents, are you fed up? Every year, it seems as though there is a new statistic showing how ADHD diagnoses are increasing in the United States. Now that we know more about the disorder, it is easier to pinpoint the symptoms and intervene with children experiencing inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Medication, mainly stimulants, is recommended as …

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Negative Thought Patterns Living life as an adult with ADHD can be challenging. As you grow older, one takes on more responsibilities with getting the first career, pursuing higher education, romantic relationships, and personal responsibilities. With all these new obligations, there are more opportunities for symptoms of ADHD to cause impairment: trouble getting to work …

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