Identifying the Signs of Aspergers in Women

The Signs and Struggles of Aspergers in Women

Women with Asperger’s syndrome are notoriously harder to diagnose than males with the condition. As a result, these women often receive several burdensome misdiagnoses before the truth is discovered, if it ever is. Someone you know may be suffering in silence, unaware that they have the condition. Fortunately, you may be able to help them by reading this guide. 

The following guide will teach you how to spot the signs of Asperger’s in women. If you notice these signs, you can help someone you know to get the help they need to live strong and able. If you suspect a woman or girl you know has Asperger’s, look for these signs.

An Aversion to the Social Norm

Girls and women with Asperger’s often seem unconnected, unconcerned, or even repelled by what is considered normal in their peer group. In general, females with Asperger’s have difficulty figuring out what is socially acceptable and why. As a result, they may avoid trying to figure it out altogether.

Things that are fashionable and feminine hold no appeal for them. For example, they’re more likely to choose outfits based on how they feel as opposed to how they look.

She Knows She’s Different

Women with Asperger’s often feel that they’re somehow different than others. They often won’t relate to many of their peers and have very few friends or none at all. Such women may prefer doing activities alone rather than engaging socially. They focus their energy on their interests and various projects instead of on people.

She Wears a Mask Around People

It’s common for women with Asperger’s to try and mask their social confusion in the presence of other people. They must work harder at their social etiquette than others. They struggle to understand what’s expected of them. Or they strive to invent strategic excuses to avoid social situations. Either way, it’s a lot of work and stress to be around other people.

She’s Different at Home

Because of the above point, women with Asperger’s may be very different at home than they are around their peers. At home, the mask comes off. We see who she really is and how she truly feels. This can be very overwhelming for her. The emotions she’s kept bottled up all day are released. Common, tear-filled emotional breakdowns are a big clue that she may have Asperger’s.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be a symptom of many different conditions. But, combined with the other signs on this list, it’s one more indicator that could point to Asperger’s.


Again, exhaustion has many causes. But it could be a result of putting on a social mask or avoiding social situations all day.

Watch for These Signs of Asperger’s in Women

If you notice these signs of Asperger’s in women or girls you know, or in yourself, we can help. You or your friend can take our free quiz to determine if you should be evaluated for Asperger’s. Click here to take our free Asperger’s quiz. Print out the quiz to receive a 10% discount at your evaluation.

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