ADHD in the Workplace

It can be difficult to keep and find a job if you are neurodivergent. Most people with ADHD have trouble at work. This is proven by studies.

A 2018 study revealed that graduates of high schools with ADHD earned 17% less compared to their counterparts without ADHD. ADHD also causes higher unemployment and disability benefits for ADHD sufferers.

Andreas Jangmo, the author behind this study, explains: : “Factors such as school performance, behavioral aspects [e.g., inattention/hyperactivity], and others are likely of continued importance for occupational outcomes as individuals diagnosed with ADHD enter the labor market.”

It’s no surprise that ADHD can affect your work. ADHD is associated with difficulties in finding and maintaining a job. Yet, it’s rarely discussed. Undiagnosed people have a harder time in the office.

Unemployment or being underemployed may cause anxiety, low self-worth, depression, and other negative emotions.

The ADHD Association states that people with ADHD are some of the best creatives on teams, as they bring energy and fresh approaches to projects. Many people with ADHD, including myself, are drawn to self-employment.

ADHD can affect your career, no matter what you do. Navigating it professionally is not easy.

You must first recognize the problems before you can begin to solve them. People with ADHD often struggle with concentration and time management. It can cause people to miss deadlines, make mistakes, or miscommunicate. We’ll dive deep into these in the following modules.

Focus on the things that make you happy, not on your problems. What do you excel at? What are you good at? The ADHD brain is prone to boredom, which can lead to a lack of productivity and joy. So someone with ADHD will not last long in an environment where it’s boring or uninteresting. It’s also important to identify your preferred learning style. Are you an auditory, visual or kinesthetic person? This will be a great help to your training.

It can be difficult to have a successful career if you suffer from ADHD, as the world was not built with us in mind. There is more acceptance and awareness in the world today. Decide how much you’re willing to adapt to society and what you expect from society.

Imagine you have been searching for roles in healthcare, and that finally you land a position as a coordinator of patients at a pediatrician’s office. After the novelty and excitement wears off the job becomes boring. It’s true that you entered this profession to be able to help others, but you often feel like you are just a cog.

You may have tasks such as answering the phone, making appointments and handling paperwork in your official job description. Rewrite your job descriptions to include the responsibilities you value. You may enjoy cheering up kids after they have had a difficult doctor’s appointment. Note it down. You might even be able to offer patients an individualized sticker as they leave.

Track your metrics. What was the total number of stickers you distributed that day? Note it down. You must have left a number of parents feeling confident that the health of their children was well-taken care. Note that too. You’ll feel less inclined to leave your current job if you internalize what you bring to it.


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