Adult Therapy Available at Sachs Center

Adult Therapy Available at Sachs Center

While Sachs Center may be dedicated to the treating of children, we are also just as dedicated to the treatment we give to adults. Here at Sachs Center there are several different kinds of therapy available to the adults who are in need. Receiving the right kind of treatment is important, especially for adults, that is why we are dedicated to providing the absolute best therapy to each of our clients. Here are a few different kinds of therapy that we offer to adults here at Sachs Center:

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is often referred to as psychotherapy or counseling. This type of therapy is a method in which we really get to work one on one with our clients. We believe it is important to get to get to know you so we can provide the best care possible. We strive to offer you a caring and professional setting for the therapy session. This will aid us in helping you discover different feelings or behaviors while we work through different memories, emotions, and difficult events. We will concentrate on the different aspects of your life that are making you happy or unhappy. We will help you focus on changing behaviors to have a better outlook on life, set goals for your future, and help you to overall feel better about everything as we work towards a change in your life. This kind of therapy is based on the ideas that speaking and listening can help alleviate human suffering. Here at Sachs Center, we are devoted to listening to all of your needs. We are here to listen to you and to help you work towards a better tomorrow. That’s why we work so hard to communicate because we know that communication is the key to recovery.

Couples Counseling

We also provide couples counseling to our patients. Relationships can really suffer when there is some kind of hindrance on an individual. That’s why our couples counseling is dedicated to really getting you and your partner to open up about what is wrong. We will work together to recognize and resolve any kind of conflicts that may be present in the relationship. We help each of you to open up and really find yourselves. Again, communication is the key here. We will help you both communicate and work towards healing and growing.

Adult ADD Support Group

Another type of therapy that we offer is an adult ADD support group. This support group was actually formed by myself, George Sachs, and it is devoted to helping other adults that also have ADD to not feel so alone. We do this by connecting them with other adults who also have ADD. I began this support group because I know how hard it is to live in a fast paced life with ADD. I want to help other adults feel better about themselves and their lives. This support group is ran by professionals at the Sachs Center and is devoted to giving the best kind of care possible to adults who have ADD.

Other types of therapy also available: Adult ADD Coaching and a Home Organizer.

If you or a loved one are in need of any of these therapy services, or would like to receive more information, testing, or an initial evaluation, please contact us at the Sachs Center. We will get you on set on a road towards a better tomorrow.