Neurofeedback Training at Sachs Center

Neurofeedback Training at Sachs Center

One of the services offered to patients at Sachs Center is the popular Neurofeedback training. Not many people know what Neurofeedback is and how it can affect the body. Neurofeedback was first introduced into the United State during the great space race in the 1960s. NASA scientists used this kind of brain-feedback readings to measure the brain wave activity in each astronaut. Now today we use Neurofeedback to treat a variety of psychological and physiological issues.

Today many individuals are plagued with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Seizures, and more neuro-based conditions. Neurofeedback provides an alternative method to treating these conditions by allowing the patient to remain medication free. Medication does not agree with everyone. It can have adverse effects on some or even terrible side effects. Neurofeedback is an alternative method which allows a course of treatment to be successful without any of the negative effects from medication. A growing number of mental health professionals are combining the use of Neurofeedback along with their other therapy sources, proving its significance in the treatment of the previously mentioned conditions.

Now many want to ask, what exactly is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback involves computers and electrodes connected to the head directly, or by wearing an elastic cap. The computer collects data and allows the clinicians to view and enhance the brain wave activity in real time. Data is collected to construct an initial “brain map”, which may take several sessions to accomplish. Once the “brain map” has been accomplished, sensors are placed on the head in corresponding areas where the brain map has indicated an under reactive or overactive pattern. All of the information that is gathered is shown on a computer in front of the patient. The patient will react to the visual feedback, along with audio feedback. Both types of feedback play in two different tones based on how well the brain is able to meet the criteria which the clinician sets into place. By feeding the visual and audio feedback into the brain, through trial and error, we are able to teach the brain what is needed to produce the ideal or optimal brain wave patterns.

This process is closely identified as being the same kind of process that the brain goes through when it reacts to learning how to ride a bike or drive a car. With more than 40 years of research backing this kind of therapy, Neurofeedback is safe and effective for all. It will take 20-40 sessions to accomplish an ideal change in brain wave patterns. Each session is 45 minutes long with two sessions per week. If you or a loved one would benefit from Neurofeedback training, don’t hesitate to call us and learn more today.