Signs and Symptoms of Kids with ADHD

At one point or another in our lives, we have seen children who are hard to control, impulsive, or jumpy.  Some of us view these kids as troublesome and very few of us want them to be left under our care. The fact that we have not been informed enough to know that extreme cases of lack of control and impulsiveness could be as a result of ADHD makes us treat these kids with indifference.


What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

This is a psychiatric disorder wherein a child presents with problems with their ability to control themselves, remain calm, and be attentive.  It is okay for kids to forget, be restless, or even lose concentration.  However, when it comes to ADHD, these symptoms are more severe and extreme.  It is important for parents to seek help if their children exhibit these behaviors.  The earlier the problem is diagnosed the better for the child.


The following are some of the signs that you should look for:

1.  Forgetfulness:

Although it is normal for kids to forget things every now and then, this condition is more pronounced when your child has ADHD.  In some cases, parents say it’s like the slate is totally wiped out such that the child is not able to remember.

2.  Lack concentration quickly.

Kids with ADHD usually have a challenge when it comes to concentrating on one task for long time.  They tend to be easily distractible.  However, if a task is fun-filled, they will concentrate and lose concentration immediately once it becomes boring.

3.  Excessively hyperactive.

Kids with this condition are excessively active.  They jump from one task to another and hardly accomplish anything in the long run.  In other cases, they leave out the necessary steps to complete a task.

4.  Lack of concentration in noisy environments.

Kids with ADHD find it very hard to concentrate in noisy environments.  They prefer quiet and tranquil surroundings.

5.  Problems sitting still and being calm.

A child with ADHD will hardly sit still even when the situation demands for stillness.  They always fidget and squirm in the chair.

6. They are always on the run.

Kids with ADHD are ever running, climbing or doing something physical.  They do not seem to care about rules and oftentimes get in trouble with their teachers.  They will be punished for something and later forget and go back to it.

7. Acting without thinking.

These kids will act without thinking about the repercussions of what they do or even what they are doing. They are also extremely quick to act, sometimes endangering their own lives.

8. They do not follow natural rules.

For instance, every child knows that they should only contribute in class once allowed to do so by the teacher.  A child with ADHD does not follow those rules.  So, it is not hard to hear them answer without being given the chance.

9. Problems controlling emotions.

These kids have challenges controlling their emotions so temper tantrums and outbursts are very common.

10. They are impatient.

For instance, if they are playing a game that requires them to wait for others to go before them, they will cut the line.