Water: Essential Ingredient to Manage Adult ADD

Water is the foundation for life. 

I often felt tired and sluggish until I simply set up a water dispenser in my office and home. The change I felt was noticeable. I had more energy and was more attentive—all because I added more water into my daily routine.

Both research and anecdotal evidence suggest that a well-hydrated brain functions at optimal peak performance. 

This is no surprise to anyone who has been out on a hot day and felt sluggish and tired.

But, how can you know if you’re only slightly dehydrated and functioning at a sub-optimal level? It’s only when we’re long past the point of thirst that the body clearly signals that water is needed, but what about the subtle signs of dehydration? 

Science shows that even slight dehydration can impact brain functioning—and the symptoms of Adult ADD

I suggest hydrating often. But, going to the sink to get an extra glass of water twice a day DOESN’T WORK. We forget to regularly drink water, and then the practice of staying hydrated doesn’t become a part of our daily routine. 

Scientists who study habits tell us we need to add a new habit to an existing habit or routine to get it to stick.

Go to the gym everyday? Fill a bottle of water and bring it with you to drink during breaks. Have a long commute? Keep a bottle of water in your car. Instead of your regular morning cup of coffee, switch to tea (less of a diuretic). I recommend Sweet and Spicy tea by Good Earth. It’s simply the best tasting tea I have ever purchased.

You can also buy a water dispenser, such as Poland Spring, and put it near the TV or your desk if you own your own office. The sight of the cold water will motivate you to drink more water. And, the cost is only a few extra dollars a month.

If you aren’t your own boss (yet) and can’t install a water dispenser, make it a habit to fill a BPA-free water bottle every morning and sip from it all day. Add a vitamin powder to make it taste better.

Don’t overlook this first and important step to taking care of your mind and better managing your Adult ADD. 

Managing symptoms, such as impulsivity and procrastination, will be much easier if you are hydrated and thinking clearly. 

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