What is ADD/ADHD

What is ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD is attention deficit/hyperactive disorder. It is a chronic disorder that can affect any individual. ADD/ADHD is very common in the United States. There are an estimated 3 million cases each year. It is chronic, which means that there is no cure for ADD/ADHD. But with the help of medication and therapy, you can function normally and still live a healthy and happy life.
Sachs Center is dedicated to helping individuals who suffer from ADD/ADHD. We want you to have a normal and happy life. We know how this condition can affect your happiness, which is why we offer testing, therapy, treatments, and medication that will help you or your loved one feel like they are not hindered by this condition. You can be set free from any limitations that are a result of this chronic condition, and we can help you.
Here is an overview of what we offer for individuals with ADD/ADHD:


Sachs Center has testing for ADD/ADHD. Each test is tailored for the condition being tested, and the individual being tested. We treat children, teenagers, and adults, so there are no age limitations at this facility.


Sachs Center offers therapy for individuals with ADD/ADHD. It’s important to receive the therapy you need, so here at Sachs Center, we are dedicated to tailoring therapy for each condition and each individual who is tested.


Here at Sachs Center, we follow a holistic approach which ranges from medication to meditation. We offer ADHD medication, which is safe for all individuals, and works to improve symptoms. The use of a psychiatric evaluation, which is comprehensive and focused on the individual’s medical history and current situation, is also used when determining the right kind of medication. We are dedicated to properly accessing how best to treat you.
Try taking an online ADD quiz or ADHD quiz on our website. It will help give you and your loved ones some initial answers. When you are ready to take the big step into getting testing and treatment, give us a call. We are dedicated to helping you.