Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a time of change where children learn on how to make decisions and learn on how to embrace independence. Sometimes these changes of development can cause emotional, social and behavioral problems such as eating disorders and drugs and alcohol abuse. Adolescent therapy can be very useful in helping to understand and support the experiences of adolescence. Early intervention of effective services is likely to prevent the intensification of difficulties in adolescence.
The methods used in adolescent therapy are similar to those used in adults’ therapy. The goal is to create a secure trusted environment in which adolescents can express themselves fully in order to develop self-understanding and lasting changes in emotional, social development and behavior.
Communication is the basic tool for therapy, however adolescents can sometimes be more reluctant to talk, hence, more time and patience is adopted by both the therapist and parents for the therapy to be effective. There should be regularly scheduled consultations with parents to discuss progress and focus on their concerns about the adolescence.