Group Therapy

Group therapy provides therapy treatment in a format where two or more clients meet simultaneously with a therapist to discuss similar issues.  Sometimes group format is better suited for some people as group therapy offers participants the opportunity to interact with others in a safe, supportive environment.  Participants can try out new behaviors, role play, and engage with others.  By doing this, they will not only receive valuable feedback and insight from other group members, but they will also provide support and direction for others struggling with similar issues that they are facing or have faced in the past.
The structure of group therapy can vary widely.  As the group members begin to feel more comfortable, a level of trust is established and group members will start to talk more freely and honestly.  However, it is important to keep in mind that group sessions are confidential and you are the one who determines how much you want to disclose in the group.  You will not be forced to speak or tell you deepest thoughts.
People in group therapy improve not only from the interventions of the therapist, but also from observing the behavior of others in the group and receiving feedback from group members.  Often people discover that they are not alone as they hear other people with similar problems to theirs.  Group therapy can also improve your social skills and sometimes the process of seeing other people behavior helps a person to gain insight into his or her own problems.