Dogs Are Your Best Friend & Medicine (if you have ADHD).

There are 8 reasons why dogs are good for people with ADHD.

Routines and structure. Dogs are creatures of habit, and a dog will help you establish and maintain a daily routine, giving stability and predictability to people with ADHD, who struggle with time management.

Exercise and physical activities: Dogs need regular exercise. This can be an excellent motivator for people with ADHD to move, get up and do physical activity. Walking your dog or playing with it can increase your activity level and improve your overall health.

Dogs Are Your Best Friend & Medicine

Emotional regulation

Emotional regulation – Dogs are great teachers. Taking care a dog, and observing its behavior, can help people with ADHD develop the skills to control their emotions.

Stress reduction and relaxation: Dog interaction has been proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Playing with a dog or just having it by your side will help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Dogs can improve social skills and relationships. They are social facilitators, and they can help people with ADHD build relationships and improve their social skills. Dogs can be conversation starters and attract attention, helping people with ADHD form connections with others.

Attention and focus: Caring and attending to a dog’s needs requires attention and focus. Individuals with ADHD can improve their concentration and attention by engaging in activities like training, playing and grooming dogs.

Support and companionship in emotional matters: Dogs provide unconditional love, companionship and emotional support. A dog can be a comfort and security for people with ADHD, who may suffer from anxiety or rejection sensitivities.

Sensory stimulation and regulation. Dogs are a great way to provide sensory benefits to people with ADHD. This is especially true for those who have sensory processing disorders. Dogs can provide sensory stimulation and regulation through activities like cuddling, petting and interacting.

Before deciding to adopt a dog, individuals with ADHD should consider their personal preferences, lifestyle and ability to meet the pet’s needs.

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