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Social Skills Group

A Social Skills Group is designed to offer help to children and adolescents who are having difficulty with peer relationships, anxiety, depression and ADHD. The goal is to assist them in developing social skills by teaching different strategies such as active listening, conversation skills, social competence, self-esteem, understanding emotions and problem solving. Children and adolescents …

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Tips to Manage Your ADHD

As an ADHD psychologist in NYC, it quickly becomes apparent that those suffering from ADHD often struggle to complete even the most mundane of daily tasks. Any concoction of impulsiveness, anxiety, or distractedness can interfere with an individual’s ability to complete their goals, often eliciting a feeling of helplessness. Although each individual’s relationship with ADHD …

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Using CBT to Manage ADHD in Kids

ADHD tips: Teaching CBT self-calming techniques which children can practice to put “Mood Monsters” in their place. Alex’s mother arrived to his weekly session teary-eyed. “Every day after school, Alex has horrible tantrums and in a bad mood, what can I do?” Children with attention deficit disorder (ADD, ADHD) experience more intense emotions and moods …

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Psychologist or Psychiatrist: What’s the Difference?

With so many different titles, degrees, and mental health professionals, clients are often confused about the difference between clinicians and often, wind up delaying progress because they get stuck deciding where to turn first. This article will help you navigate the world of therapists so you can get started on the path of progress. Let’s …

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