ADHD test for adults

What is AuDHD?

🔊 Listen to the article by clicking the audio player above. Do you have AuDHD? This article will help you better understand the overlapping challenges of ADHD and Autism. The human brain comes in all shapes and wiring configurations, especially when it comes to the neurodiverse population. Two common types of neurodivergence are Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder […]

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diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorders

The Definitive Guide to Diagnosing ADHD

At the Sachs Center, our ADHD testing method uses the ADHD components from the comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation to provide an accurate ADHD diagnosis. You receive a thorough evaluation similar to the comprehensive neuropsychological testing, but much quicker and without the high cost. Our testing process for diagnosing ADHD is streamlined, taking only about two hours.

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ADD ADHD Evaluations

There is no single medical or physical test to diagnose ADD/ADHD. To determine if you or your child has ADD/ADHD, a professional psychologist or psychiatrist will need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, which has been standardized by medical and psychological associations of your or your child’s symptoms. Some symptoms of ADD/ADHD such as concentration problems

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