Executive dysfunction

Executive dysfunction refers to difficulties in the cognitive processes – executive functioning skills – that are responsible for goal-setting, planning, organizing, initiating tasks, and self-monitoring, commonly observed in conditions like ADHD, and it can significantly impact daily functioning and task execution.

Treatment for ADHD

Which methods help you control ADHD other than medication? Having a kid with ADHD can be difficult. What’s more, some prefer not to start their kids on medication while they do not know of the expected alternatives. Overcoming ADHD without medication is increasingly becoming a choice for most parents and guardians with growing concerns on

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ADHD Accommodations for the Classroom

My child has ADHD, how do I help?             Children who are diagnosed with ADHD are eligible to receive accommodations in the classroom setting. Simply put, accommodations are implemented to remove the barriers which are preventing these children from learning and performing to the best of their ability. ADHD can drastically inhibit a child’s ability

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Raising a Child with ADHD

Parents of Children with ADHD Parents of children with ADHD are said to experience more stress related to parenting than parents of children without this disorder. In general, having children (especially multiple little ones) can be challenging for parents trying to work, keep the household together and find time for themselves. Parents of children with

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