Tips to Manage Your ADHD

As an ADHD psychologist in NYC, it quickly becomes apparent that those suffering from ADHD often struggle to complete even the most mundane of daily tasks. Any concoction of impulsiveness, anxiety, or distractedness can interfere with an individual’s ability to complete their goals, often eliciting a feeling of helplessness.

Although each individual’s relationship with ADHD is different, here are three tips to help manage ADHD in daily life.

  • Use a Planner: Get a planner to note down all the tasks you wish to complete for the day. Writing it down not only helps you remember it better, but it also help if you get distracted during the day, since you can find all your tasks in one place. Completing tasks also provides you with a rewarding feeling of accomplishment, which can help kick-start your productivity.
  • Make the Most of Technology: The increasing adoption of smart phones can be great for those with ADHD if used carefully. A simple tool is to have your smart phone remind you of important tasks or meetings that are important, and to take down notes or thoughts that you might forget later. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of apps out on the market that aid those struggling with ADHD.
  • Undergo Calming Activities: If you ever start to feel blocked by feelings of frustration or anxiety, stop and find a calming activity to engage in. Activities like meditation, listening to calming music, and exercise can help you calm down and feel more in control of your actions.


Of course these are just a few ideas. As previously mentioned, ADHD is different for everyone so some methods may prove more effective for some more than others. For refined personalized help, please contact an ADHD or ADD psychiatrist.